The year of the Dog

1958 1970 1982 1994 2006 2018
You’ll be pessimistic, anxious, and worrying about your future. You’ll be on the defensive all the time – but full of generosity and good-will too.
The year of the Dog is a year with plenty of political action. Things veer suddenly towards a more liberal approach. Idealism. Possibility of revolution.
A year, in fact, favourable to the Left, to grandiose schemes and to disinterested, generous acts.
For children born this year, it is better not to be born at night. Those who are, ceaselessly on the alert, will stay that way for the rest of their lives.
The Rat If he can bear to pay attention to his business affairs rather than to his love affairs, this should be a good year for the Rat.
The Buffalo Not a good year for the Buffalo. In every way, he sees everything going to the Dogs! The future seems gloomy and as for the young people today.
The Tiger A little anxious still, but ready for anything and full of enterprise. The great Causes
can count on the Tiger!
The Cat Cats are a little uneasy, too. Take the necessary precautions and play at politics a bit…
The dragon The Dragon can do anything! He will always be ready to act; generous, skilful, perfect – but…
The snake Once again a year of uncertainties and unease. The Snake is sure of nothing, not even his own feelings! He’d like very much to have some changes made but he’s too lazy to act.
The Horse Too selfish and self-centred to worry on behalf of others, the Horse will work on doggedly for his own well-being.
The Goat A bad year again everyone is far too preoccupied with their own affairs to spare a thought for the Goats of this world. The Goats therefore feel neglected.
The Monkey Too intelligent to feel really worried, the Monkey waits patiently for the end … of certain financial difficulties!
The Rooster The parade is over! The Rooster is flaked out! And unfortunately for him the year brings severe financial difficulties…
The Dog The Dog triumphs, but modestly. He doesn’t believe in Father Christmas – but he knows that every effort is worth the trouble of taking.
The Pig Financially, things continue well. The Pig is not unhappy. A period, in fact, of peace and quiet. The Pig approves in general of the Dog’s actions – though he doesn’t take part in any himself.

The year of the Rooster

1957 1969 1981 1993 2005 2017
A hard year. It will be necessary to work hard to make a living. Risk of unemployment. Money isn’t going to fall into jour lap – nor food into the Rooster’s beak – without effort.
The Rooster isn’t going to put up with any nonsense trifling with law and order; there’ll be no joking with those who disturb the status quo. A year of reaction, therefore, with an abundance of uniforms in the name of the law – though in fact they are worn for their own sake. Military parades. Reviews. Risks of the abuse of police powers.
A good year (as if we didn’t know!) for military careers. Now is the time to ask for a medal or buy your way into the Honours List.
Toung Cocks born in the Spring will be less aggressive.
THE RAT Everything goes well for the Rat. The changes in society will not affect him – or very rarely. He thinks only of enjoying life.
THE BUFFALO At last, one can breathe again! How much better one feels when things are properly under control! The Buffalo turns back to work with renewed vigour.
THE TIGER Disappointed and unhappy, the Tiger will be. This will be the year of the true revolt – but the Tiger will plot in secret, though he will voice his opposition openly.
THE CAT An irritating year: the Cat finds the Rooster and his parades Fiercely anti-militarist, the Cat is not at all happy.
THE DRAGON As always, the Dragon improves the shining hour – by finding the opportunity to shine more brightly still! But he’s too wise to act.
THE SNAKE A hard year. The Snake is by nature idle – and he has to make an effort to survive. There will be many discouragements.
THE HORSE This time, the rear is covered! One can go back to work and put one’s back into it! All goes well.
THE GOAT Declining to work (thank you very much!), the Goat lives a ‘Bohemian’ year, waiting until it’s all over.
THE MONKEY It’s not so funny now that the year of the Monkey is over – even though the Rooster’s efforts are hilarious!
THE ROOSTER The prospect of a splendid year! Hang out the flags at the Rooster’s home!. Unfortunately, though, even the Rooster has to work to live – and it’s a hard year. Thank goodness everything is under control, at least, and order reigns once more!
THE DOG Disappointed, like the Tiger, the Dog continues the fight underground. It will be a hard year, nevertheless.
THE PIG The Pig finds that his work really pays off this year. Everything goes well for him. Life is good.

The year of the Monkey

1956 1968 1980 1992 2004 2016 2028
Expect anything this year, especially the unexpected! Take risks… everything’s going to be all right: the Monkey knows when to stop! It’s no good trying to be reasonable, to look before you leap. Thinking first is out this year!
There are pleasantries for all to enjoy in the year of the Monkey and riots, for instance, or revolutions, or the overthrow of rulers, or even barricades (remember Paris in 1968?). The Monkey will have his little joke! So it’s muddle and anarchy all round, with anything liable to happen. But at least nobody will be bored!
A good time to launch new ideas, though. Take advantage of it.
If you are born this year, try and make it in the summer.
THE RAT All the jokes amuse the Rat. At last happiness and equilibrium return; the labours of the past bear fruit. A good year to get married.
THE BUFFALO An extremely bad year. The Buffalo is frightened and feels himself threatened. He can’t bear the unexpected.
THE TIGER He thinks The Time has come, and throws all his energy into the furtherance of new and exciting ideas. But the Monkey is laughing behind his hand.
THE CAT Cats won’t be unduly worried or unduly impressed: they know what the Monkey is and take him as they find him. Quietly, they’ll wait until it’s all over.
THE DRAGON He puts himself forward again, but he’s liable to regret it: he can’t bear being made fun of!
THE SNAKE Common sense and intelligence tell the Snake that none of this can possibly be taken seriously. But he may join in just the same, only to see what it’s all about, of course, just to satisfy his curiosity.
THE HORSE All great fun, when you come down to it! A time for the Horse to play politics a little, carefully, of course. And always leaving his escape route clear.
THE GOAT Once again nobody is taking any notice of the Goat! And all this could be amusing -it would be amusing, if only it was happening at home. The Goat’s home. Maybe one should join, just for fun!
THE MONKEY Jubilation, of course! The Monkey himself won’t get his feet wet, or not for long: it’s so rib-splitting to watch all this chaos from the outside!
THE ROOSTER The Rooster comes over all moralistic and struts about talking pompously and aggressively of’putting everything in order’ again. The world ought to be the way he wants it. The situation could bring out courage and devotion in him, though.
THE DOG Like the Tiger, the Dog believes that The Day has come. Rushing in at the deep end, he is likely to retire with his tail between his legs – but ready to start again at the drop of a hat!
THE PIG On one side or the other, the Pig does what he thinks is right with all his enthusiasm. Romantically, things take a turn for the better. Suddenly, life is worth living again!

The year of the Goat

1955 1967 1979 1991 2003 2015 2027
Have a few whims of your own! Get out into the country and infest your friends!
Politically, financially, this is a year on the brink of catastrophe. But international face will (just) be saved and equilibrium — despite a certain lack of wisdom and competence – will be maintained. We shall muddle through again.
A good year for artists in general and actors in particular.
Generally speaking, the omens favour Goats born on a day when there is no rain.
THE RAT A start can be made at last to re-climb the ladder. The Rat could with success devote himself to art this year.
THE BUFFALO A bad year. He will be nervous and sulky.
THE TIGER Better start another round-the-world trip: it’s his only chance!
THE CAT The minor disappointments of the year of the Cat cannot threaten the Cat’s peace and quiet, and so contentment will reign.
THE DRAGON A year of rest! Dragons would do well to hold themselves aloof from all this incompetence!
THE SNAKE His intelligence finds it impossible- to tolerate all this idiocy. He tries to forget it all in a series of amorous adventures.
THE HORSE A bit of rearing between the shafts, here… but goodness! how things have improved!
THE GOAT Everything in the garden is lovely! People take notice of the Goat and she sees the promise of a brilliant future. Let’s hope she knows how to take advantage of it…
THE MONKEY Time to plot, plan, play both ends against the middle… and entertain yourself doing so.
THE ROOSTER ‘Pinch me in case I’m asleep!’ The Rooster never thought this could happen to him. He stirs up a lot of trouble for himself.
THE DOG The mood passes from mere irritation to total exasperation. The Dog risks chucking it all up and (if he is old) finishing his days in splendid solitude.
THE PIG The Pig is full of hope. The scene generally seems to have little importance and little relevance. Finally, all goes well – and romantically, all goes better!

The year of the Horse

1954 1966 1978 1990 2002 2014 2026
Work for everybody… think of yourself. Take part in meetings, gatherings, club sessions; interest yourself in politics, sport, the theatre…
Whatever happens, it’s tact and diplomacy that will carry the day. There will be political reverses (not serious ones), resignations, fits of temper, scandals perhaps… and of course the backwash from all this. But everything will sort itself out.
For horses: a good year on the flat or over the sticks.
It is better for the Horse if he is born in winter.
THE RAT Catastrophic year for the Rat… from every point of view. He will fall into debt…
THE BUFFALO Things work out well this year. Business looks up (but the Buffalo must make sure he takes advantage of this).
THE TIGER It is necessary to start something: idleness must be avoided. There is no danger for the Tiger.
THE CAT Not a displeasing year, on the whole. Since all seems quiet on all fronts… and the Cat knows what he is about… well, who knows?
THE DRAGON Once again, an opportunity to walk at the head of the procession…
THE SNAKE Watch out for disappointments in love. This year is too emotional by half for the Snake, and he’ll need every ounce of his common sense to get himself out of it!
THE HORSE Unlike all the other signs, the Horse’s own year is never good for the Horse himself. As for the Fire Horse – well, that year could be tragic.
THE GOAT A good year! All this is so amusing, so convenient, such fun!
THE MONKEY Although competitions and races (on the flat or over the sticks) are not to his taste, the Monkey will nevertheless row himself into a well-paid job …
THE ROOSTER All systems go! These incidents, these changes, amuse our feathered friend only to the extent that they do not threaten his security.
THE DOG Irritation… The Dog wants to hurl himself into the thick of it – but he’s not sufficiently convinced that it’ll be a success!
THE PIG Pigs get down to organizing themselves. But the romantic troubles continue just the same! An unfavourable period.

The year of the Snake

1953 1965 1977 1989 2001 2013 2025
Reflect, flirt, idle away the time… this is the year for lovers and adulterers! If that’s your desire, now is the time to act: nobody is taking notes…
A year of wisdom on the political and diplomatic scene. Solutions to all problems. If your child was born under the sign of the Snake, the hotter it was on the day ofhis birth, the happier he will be in life.
THE RAT: A bad year for business. Better to let it be and use the time to write (all Rats can do this if they try, and it’s a good year for thinkers anyway!).
THE BUFFALO: Watch out for trouble in the home – and with the family! Take care not to let bad temper get the better of you. Don’t be violent. Buffalo should never marry during the year of the Snake.
THE TIGER: A time for leaving on voyages of discovery, for finding forgotten tribes and buried cities… Above all, avoid inactivity!
THE CAT: A good year. One thinks, one philosophizes, one writes perhaps – and domestic dramas and traumas stay away from the door…
THE DRAGON: Everything is for the best. Under the serene eye of the Snake, the Dragon can continue to glitter and shine with all his might.
THE SNAKE: It’s the Snake’s year, of course: anything can be attempted, anything can be done -and without risk, too! Exciting adventures in love.
THE HORSE: Once again, everything could be abandoned for the sake of love. It would be a great mistake in this case, however, for the romances of the year of the Snake are short-lived…
THE GOAT: Fun this year for the Goat, with plenty of interesting and amusing things to do… and plenty of scandal to gossip about!
THE MONKEY: Such a useful creature will surely find a niche here! In fact, the opportunist Monkey once again makes itself indispensable.
THE ROOSTER: A great interest shown in what goes on – but maybe there will be a family problem to solve at home as well.
THE DOG: The year of the thinker, the philosopher and the discoverer – and the Dog, naturally, is among those doing the thinking, philosophizing, and discovering. He won’t be unhappy!
THE PIG: Lucky in business, unlucky in love… the year of the Snake, unfortunately, brings with it a stack of romantic problems.

The year of the Dragon

1952 1964 1976 1988 2000 2012 2024
Be ambitious and enterprising this year; push your way to the front. It’s an exhausting year, a brilliant year, a year of pageants and fêtes; a year of spectacular victory (or defeat)…
Be on your guard against fires.
The auguries are good for resounding successes, either militarily or in another field (perhaps politics}. But take core: such victories are in general illusory!
Ifyour child is born in this year, you dorít have to do a thingfor him yourself: he’s going to be all right (unless he happened to be born on the day of a storm – in which case, watch ouf/).
THE RAT: This year suits the Rat very well. It’s a year of good business and no anxiety.
THE BUFFALO: Reassured by the pomp and ceremony, the Buffalo thinks the good times have come back. Alas! It’s only an illusion – so he’d better get down to work!
THE TIGER: He, too, can find a lot to like in this year: it’s a year of swagger and panache, and Tigers adore that!
THE CAT: Watching all the fuss with some amusement, Cats will stay at home and mind their own business.
THE DRAGÓN: Happy as a fish in the sea! It’s the year of his glory!
THE SNAKE: Common sense forecasts that there’s no need to worry about all this bustle! In reality, everything is calm; all goes well. Life smiles on Snakes!
THE HORSE: Not a bad year for the paradeloving Horse. Satisfactions in store.
THE GOAT: What with one thing and another, there’s a lot of fun to be got from all the fanfares and processions…
THE MONKEY: What fun, what fun! The Monkey’s role here is basic, for the Dragón always has need of him.
THE ROOSTER: A year made to measure for Roosters. They can preen and strut and flirt to their heart’s content. Better still, get married!
THE DOG: All the fuss exaspérales the Dog. It seems pointless to him. Sullen and a little peevish, he’ll keep himself to himself.
THE PIG: Convinced that it’s possible to live more of a real life than this, the Pig takes refuge among his friends. All the pomp bores him. He eats well and grows fat…


born in year of dragon

The year of the Cat

1951 1963 1975 1987 1999 2011 2023
This year will seem on the surface to be a calm one. Take the opportunity and rest – for the next may be exhausting! Entertain. Read and gossip in front of the fire . . .
A great year for diplomats. Expect changes, especially, in the Law. The aspects are favourable for legal people.
Children born in the year of the Cat will be happy and calm if their birthday is in summer.
THE RAT: A time to be careful: the Cat is waiting just round the corner! Better mingle with the crowd and try not to be noticed!
THE BUFFALO: Not an ideal year … but things are definitely turning for the better. At least one can work in peace!
THE TIGER: Take advantage of the prevailing calm and rest a bit. The Cat wishes no harm to Tigers…
THE CAT: A lovely time to drowse in front of the fire. No problems here for Cats… just bring in the friends, have a ball, do good business…
THE DRAGON: The Cat has no intention of preventing the Dragon from striking his attitudes, from shining in his parade. On the contrary, it will amuse him…
THE SNAKE: Whew! Time to relax and enjoy a well-earned meal! A successful year for Serpents.
THE HORSE: A good year… romance, work, social life, perhaps even a little politics!
THE GOAT: At last, someone is taking notice! Invitations, meetings, parties, people who like the company of Goats! A very good year.
THE MONKEY: Excellent for business, the year is favourable for Monkeys from every point of view.
THE ROOSTER: Still a bit shattered by the previous year, our Rooster will stay on the defensive and undertake nothing new.
THE DOG: Time to take a rest now. But the Dog will be almost happy, just the same, for the Cat brings him peace and quiet. It might be a good idea to profit from this and get married!
THE PIG: All will go well: provided there is no hint of anything to do with court cases in the air. These must be avoided at all costs, even if it means a bit of a loss of face.


year of the cat horoscope 2014, year of the cat zodiac

The year of the Tiger

1950 1962 1974 1986 1998 2010 2022
This will not be an entirely peaceful year. Expect changes in life – but be careful.
Politically, there will be major realignments. Theatrical coups. Revolution. Prospects of war. Catastrophe.
A year favouring action and change. Children born in the year of the tiger will benefit from the light if they are born between sunrise and sunset.
The Rat: he won’t feel safe this year. Better to stay close to those who like him – and leave the epics to tigers!
The Buffalo: buffalo will remain anxious, nervy – and dangerous – all the year. Most of the time, they’ll stay home, waiting for better days.
The Tiger: now tigers come into their own! They can do whatever they like, for luck is with them. Time to undertake important things, while under this protection…
The Cat: an uneasy year. Those who love tran¬quillity and calm will hate the changes that threaten their peace.
The Dragon: all the brouhaha doesn’t worry our carnival beast: it gives him an opportunity to shine… And to make himself prettier than ever!
The Snake: goodness, how tiring life is! … But snakes are wise and they can draw a lesson from all the fuss.
The Horse: will probably take advantage of this year of change to leave home, or split up with a marriage partner. Something is going to change in any case!
The Goat: what can be done when everyone is spending so much time trying to change the world… And so little time on the goat? Poor goat!
The Monkey: time to sit on the sidelines – and laugh. The monkey watches the events of this year as an amused spectator: he can see the pointlessness of it all.
The Rooster: everything is changing .. . How difficult it all is! … How disagreeable!… What a hard year this will be!
The Dog: in his element at last, the dog finds opportunities to display his devotion to causes. He will be happy for once…
The Pig: so things are changing… Once again the pig will adapt. And since pigs are generous creatures, they won’t even find too much to criticize in revolutions.


sagittarius born in the year of tiger

The year of the Buffalo

1949 1961 1973 1985 1997 2009 2021 2033
Too much work for everyone, this year … We risk working ourselves to death! Cultivate your garden, buy a farm, improve the farm you already have.
Conservatives carry off the political prizes. Risk of dictatorship.
In general, a year favourable to agriculture: the farmer can sleep in peace, for there will be no drought, no hailstorms, no excess rainfall, no invasion of locusts! Buffalo born in winter will have less of a job to make a living … So let’s hope the baby will come between november and march.
The Rat: Just as well for master and mistress rat that they made those economies last year: they’re not too fond of hard work!
The Buffalo: An excellent year, of course. Hard work will pay dividends – and conscientious buffalo will be rewarded by authority. Those not yet married would do well to consider starting a family.
The Tiger: The worst year of all for tigers. Start nothing new. Take no risks.
The Cat: One way and another – providing plenty of tact and diplomacy are in evidence – the cat should just about make it without coming to any harm!
The Dragon: Dragons don’t take kindly to people who throw their weight about. Happily they are strong enough themselves to stand out against them.
The Snake: Too much hard work about here! The snake is too lazy for the year of the buffalo. Better wait quietly until it’s all over.
The horse: Excellent from a business point of view, this year may turn out to be a disappoint¬ment romantically.
The Goat: Terrible year for the poor goat! One can, after all, be fond of the country without being mad about farming!
The Monkey: All is well! Those who act as go- betweens will get by. The buffalo will make use of monkeys as men (or maids) of all work.
The Rooster: A splendid year. Happy, triumphant, laughing behind his hand (or claw), the rooster will be in his element. And what if he does have to work ? He knows how to do it!
The Dog: A disastrous year. If there are revolu¬tions to be plotted, this is the year in which dogs will plan them – and take too many risks.
The Pig: Even if it’s in a critical spirit, the pig will adapt himself to the prevailing conditions. Better not run the risk of making him lose his temper, though.