Horoscope Aquarius February 2014

An exciting, eventful and challenging month, Aquarius, but hang in there as the Cosmos blasts away the obstructions to your happiness. I would describe this month as a little like going to the dentist. The dentist needs to do some drilling, sanding and cleaning before she can get the teeth to where they should be. Minute pockets of decay must be drilled away, leaving only that which is healthy. The drilling is not pleasant – it is noisy and perhaps there is some discomfort. But the end result is very good. Trust in the Cosmic Dentist and hold your vision of the happy end result and all will be well.
The Solar Eclipse of the 5th hits you like a smart bomb, so please take a reduced schedule – for two days before and a day after. Not only does it occur in your own Sign of Aquarius, but it occurs right on Uranus, your Ruling Planet. The symbolism is clear – the Cosmos is drilling away decay in your body, image and self-definition – and also in your love life and a current relationship. Those who are careful of their diets will feel minimal physical discomfort, though even these will change their image and mode of dress. Many of you could move house as well. Those who are not careful about their diets could see a major detoxification period coming up. Physical impurities must be flushed out. Singles could decide to marry in the coming months, and married people could decide to divorce. The marital status is changing. Even a stable marriage could undergo a shift in the ground rules – though it survives the Eclipse. Remember the discussion in the Health section, earlier.
Happily, the Highest Wisdom decrees that you will have help during this period. Many planets in your own Sign are giving you strength and stamina to deal with the changes. There is both inner and outer support for you.
Finances too will be strong as friends and partners are financially supportive. Sales and marketing projects go well. Writers sell their manuscripts. Investments in transportation and telecommunications seem strong – though your personal chart (based on your precise date and time of birth) could modify this. Be careful not to get so swallowed up by financial minutiae that you have no time for other things.
And, as if you didn’t have enough change with the Eclipse, Jupiter moves into your 4th House on the 15th, showing a possible move or expansion of the current residence. It also shows that the change and upheaval is producing much psychological insight and understanding, and that family members are giving support.