Horoscope Aquarius October 2014

With Saturn’s retrograde back into Taurus and many planets in Scorpio there is increased stress on your health during this period. Be sure to rest and relax more – especially after the 23rd. Remember the discussion in the Health section, above. And though your vitality is not up to its usually high standards it is nowhere near as stressed out as it was early in the year. If you got through the early part of the year, this month will be a snap.
In spite of the increased health stress this is a happy and successful month, a party month. Many planets in your own native Air element make you feel right at home. Your mind has never been sharper and your communication skills never keener. People in general are in a more talkative mood. Abstract ideas – your strength – are appreciated and in vogue. Many Aquarians gravitate to sales, marketing and media activities – and these people are having a banner month. Salespeople who cold call – normally a frustrating line of work – have a banner month as well.
With the Sun and other planets moving through your 10th House of Career – and with most of the planets above the Horizon – you are experiencing a yearly career peak. The demands of career are intense but satisfying. You socialize with the high and mighty – with people of prominence and power. Love could happen with a boss, or through the normal pursuit of career success. Your present love will be supportive of career – though he or she might conflict with you in other ways. Your spouse or love is also unusually ambitious during this period. Mercury retrograde in your 10th House suggests caution in how you communicate to bosses or to those involved with your career – take nothing for granted and make sure they understand exactly what you mean. Miscommunication is the major barrier to career happiness now. Another danger is personal desire. Your personal inclinations and desire for freedom could interfere with your career goals.
Finances are beautiful until the 23rd. They will be good afterwards too, but you’ll have to work harder for them. The question that confronts you after the 23rd is – which is more important, prestige/titles or cash? A good mix of both would be the ideal.
Love is very good until the 23rd, but afterwards gets stormy. Much compromising will be necessary to make things work. A significant other is in your life now.