Horoscope Aries January 2014

The planetary movements this month are overwhelmingly forward. By the 12th, 100 per cent of them will be in forward motion. This is a fast-paced month of progress and achievement – just the way you like things!
Between 70 and 80 per cent of the planets are above the Horizon of your chart, and your 10th House of Career is a major House of Power – thus this is a period of great and positive career progress. Pay rises, promotions, bonuses and increased professional status are likely now. Various career issues that were blocked or stalled by Saturn’s retrograde for the past few months, now move forward. Even the new Moon of the 5th is helping your career by clarifying all the confusion and bringing you all the information you need to make the next move.
Family and domestic issues can take a back seat for a while – for even the family seems to support your career objectives.
Usually when the career is this demanding there is little time for personal pleasure and self-fulfilment. But with Jupiter still in your own Sign, you are managing to have some fun too. Sensual fantasies are fulfilled. Only remember not to burn the candle at both ends.
Though the Lunar Eclipse of the 21st is basically kind to you, it is still advisable to take a reduced schedule that day – it may not be so kind to the people you rely on. This Eclipse occurs in your 5th House, showing long-term changes in a love affair or with children. Flaws in a present love affair come out in the open for you to deal with. Things you might not have known about the beloved are now revealed, and you have to decide whether you want to continue.
This Eclipse affects Neptune, your Planet of Spirituality – thus the dreams that you have during this period are probably not reliable, and no important decisions should be based on them. There could be a change in a spiritual organization you belong to, or in your meditation regime or with your teachers.
Health and overall vitality improves dramatically after the 20th. The focus shifts to friends, organizations and group activities.
Both love and finances are happy, though there could be a brief blow-up around the 9th. Be patient with your lover during this time, and be careful to avoid getting into debt.

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