Horoscope Cancer January 2014

Though home and family issues are always important to you, with 70 to 80 per cent of the planets above the Horizon you can safely minimize your attention here and get on with ‘outer’, career success. Doing right will lead to feeling right. Career harmony will lead to emotional harmony.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 21st is basically kind to you, though it will lead to one of your periodic image changes and to a redefinition of the personality. It will also lead to a financial ‘house cleaning’ as flaws in an investment or in your overall strategy are revealed. The end result will be positive.
Between 90 and 100 per cent of the planets are moving forward this month, indicating that there is great progress, change and achievement during this period.
Your most important areas of interest this month are health and work, the career, love, romance and social activities, and the libido, transformation, reinventing yourself, paying off debt, attracting investors and the deeper things of life.
The Moon waxes from the 5th to the 21st – a lucky break, as this is a period when your vitality is not at its best. This waxing Moon is giving you energy at a vulnerable time. Still, it would not be a bad idea to rest and relax more until the 20th.
Love is happy and active all month. As the month progresses it will get better and better. Two important developments are happening in love during this period – one, the new Moon of the 5th occurs in your House of Love and Romance, clarifying present relationships and bringing you all the knowledge you need to take important love decisions. The second is Saturn beginning to move forward on the 12th. This signals the end of a period of testing in a relationship. It can either go forward or you can move forward towards someone more in line with your interests. Your social confidence and judgement are going to be a lot stronger over the coming months.
Prosper this month by helping others to prosper. Follow your intuition, especially from the 20th to the 22nd. Channel spare cash into paying off debt. Your line of credit increases this month.

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