Horoscope Capricorn February 2014

An important and very happy month, Capricorn. Enjoy.
Between 80 and 90 per cent of the planets are still below the Horizon. Though nothing will ever stop or thwart your ambitions, you can safely put them on a hold for a while and get your home and domestic situation in order. Mars, your Family Planet, moves into your 4th House of Home and Family on the 12th. This is a great period for doing major repairs, renovations, rearranging furniture, or engaging in other heavy, demanding work around the house. On a psychological level this is a great period for getting in touch with your deepest feelings and giving them the nourishment they need.
The planetary power is still mostly in the Eastern sector of the self – making you more independent and more able to stand alone and do your own thing than usual. You are getting your way in life and the Cosmos supports you.
With 90 to 100 per cent of the planets moving forward now, like last month you are in a period of change, progress and achievement. Your creations, urges and desires manifest quickly.
Mercury goes retrograde from the 21st onwards. Thus job-seekers and employers must exercise more caution and do more research either when looking for work or when hiring. A foreign journey might not be what you think.
The important areas of interest this month are finance, intellectual interests, sales, marketing and relations with siblings, and the home and family.
Health is excellent and will get even better after the 15th.
Earnings are powerful all month. The Solar Eclipse of the 5th has a dramatic affect on earnings. It signals a turning point in your financial life. Major change – positive change – is happening, but in order for the positive to happen the ‘flotsam and jetsam’ – the obstructions – need to be blasted away. This is what the Eclipse will do for you. Flaws, unreasonable assumptions, and mistaken strategies or plans in finance will be revealed and you will be able to take corrective action. Your financial heart’s desire is coming to pass.
Serious love maintains the status quo. But ‘entertainment’ types of love (love affairs) are plentiful and readily available. You are entering a party period of the year.