Horoscope Capricorn November 2014

A child or parent comes to visit – probably from a long way off and in an unusual way. Creative projects take you way off your beaten path, but lend excitement and glamour to the month. Children’s issues can swallow you up towards the end of the month, temporarily eclipsing all your other interests.
By the 4th, 70 to 80 per cent of the planetary power is in the East. Your power to create conditions as you like them and to have things your own way is increasing day by day. Good will come through your own efforts and initiative, by taking the bull by the horns.
By the 13th the planets will be evenly distributed between the upper and lower halves of your Horoscope. Thus, both emotional harmony and worldly ambitions will vie for your attention. Both will be important and you will juggle between the two. The balance you develop will be a dynamic one – now you will lean one way and now another. Mars in your House of Career from the 4th onwards indicates that you are working hard, dealing with the competition and defending your career turf. But Mars is also your Family Planet, and its elevation in the chart shows the importance of home and family issues as well – reinforcing what was said earlier. Push the careers of family members as well as your own now.
Venus in your own Sign after the 13th adds glamour and beauty to your image. This is a great time to shop for clothing and accessories as your sense of style is excellent. You are very attractive, but serious love seems unimportant to you now. Home, work, career and finances all take priority. Singles are attracting love opportunities, but not serious committed ones. Enjoy them for what they are and don’t place any major expectations on them.
Job-seekers meet with excellent success during this period – especially after the 8th, when Mercury moves forward. If you are contemplating a job offer, wait until after the 8th to decide. You are not desperate and have many opportunities open to you.
Personal health is excellent during this period. The health of a friend improves after the 8th. Personal health can be enhanced further by maintaining harmony with friends.
Finances are simply spectacular this month – especially after the 22nd. Whatever you touch turns to gold. Almost the entire Cosmos is conspiring to enrich you. A financial conflict with a partner gets resolved harmoniously after the 22nd.


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