Horoscope Leo August 2014

Many planets in the East and many planets in your own Sign give you an energy and independence that you haven’t felt in a long time, Leo. Go forward boldly towards your goals now. You have the power to create conditions as you like them and have little need for compromise. Let the world adapt to you for a while.
Most of the planets are now below the Horizon, so you are entering a period of psychological progress and a focus on inner versus outer growth. Find your emotional comfort zone and work from there.
Health is truly fabulous this month. Health problems of the past just melt away. Both the Sun and Mars in your own Sign fill you with explosive, dynamic energy. You have drive and enthusiasm now. You assert yourself with great power and are not a person to be opposed or trifled with. Exercise and health regimes go very well. Things get done in a hurry. Libido, always powerful in you, is even more so now. Athletes perform at their peak these days.
Mars in your own Sign – opposed by Uranus – shows a need to mind your temper. Sudden flare-ups can be deadly to love. Both the Sun and Mars in opposition to Uranus, your Love Planet – show a battle of wills in love – you and your lover are pulling in opposite directions. You will probably win the tug of war, but it is not good for the relationship. Rush, haste and impatience are enemies to guard against.
This is one of the best financial periods in your year. Mercury (your Money Planet) is moving forward speedily, showing great financial confidence and astute judgement. Your Money House becomes very powerful after the 23rd. Mercury moves into its own Sign and House on that day – making it even more powerful on your behalf. The new Moon of the 29th occurs in your Money House as well, showing that all relevant financial information will come to you easily and effortlessly in the next month.
Until the 6th, money comes from financial intuition and dreams. Hunches are profitable. There is more charitable giving, which clears off bad karma and allows more wealth to come to you. On the 10th a sudden windfall could come out of the blue, perhaps through a speculation. You might have to work harder for it as there is great resistance. From the 6th to the 23rd your image and personality play a big role in financial success. Dressing for success is important. You are spending on yourself. Shopping for big-ticket items goes better after the 23rd, as you will then be more careful about spending. Deal with mundane accounting chores and bookkeeping after the 23rd.

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