Horoscope Pisces April 2014

Almost all the planets are in the East and 90 per cent of them are moving forward. There is great (and fast-paced) personal progress and achievement now. Change happens with blinding speed. A seemingly eternal problem can change in a week. There is so much activity that a week seems like an eternity now.
Move forward towards your goals. Create conditions as you desire them to be. Act on your desires and watch how the Cosmos supports you.
The majority of planets (60 to 70 per cent) are below the Horizon of your chart, showing this to be a month of inner, psychological progress rather than outer, worldly-orientated progress. Mercury, now moving forward, is further helping you emotionally and domestically.
The North Node of the Moon makes an important shift from your 6th House of Health and Work to your 5th House of Creativity. Thus, there is great emotional fulfilment and personal happiness from creativity, children and child-related issues, and from the fun aspects of life. Life is to be enjoyed, as you will see in the coming months.
Your important areas of interest this month are spirituality and charity, the body, the image and personal pleasures, finance, sales, marketing, communication and intellectual interests, and local travel, neighbours and siblings.
Health is strong all month, but be careful of overspending on ‘miracle’ foods or diets. There is a tendency for you to be rash about these things. Study before you buy. The same holds true regarding investments in these industries. Don’t allow financial ups and downs to affect your health. Keep these two areas of your life separate. And though this is a great financial month it is only natural that some days will be less great than others.
Love is still happy this month and you are getting your way. Love has to be physical and expressed physically for you to be satisfied – platonic love doesn’t do the trick now. After the 13th, singles find love as they pursue their normal financial goals and obligations. Your lover or spouse is very supportive financially. Material gifts are romantic turn-ons. Unattached singles look for lovers who can do them some financial good.
Finances are powerful and the new Moon of the 4th is making them even more so – for often, more than money, we need ideas. These the Moon will supply as the month progresses. Important financial highs occur around the 5th and 6th. Financial opportunity comes through friends or professional organizations around the 15th-17th. Sales and marketing (like last month) are still very important for your bottom line.