Horoscope Pisces February 2014

The balance of planetary power is shifting to the bottom half of the Horoscope by the 20th. So your career is becoming less important than it has been. Jupiter’s move into Taurus shows that your career is stabilizing – on a routine track for a while – and that you can put it on automatic pilot and focus some attention on your home and family life. Of course, with Mercury retrograde from the 21st onwards, you should be making plans and giving thought to family issues – execute your plans next month.
Between 90 and 100 per cent of the planets are in the Eastern sector of your chart. Mercury (also your Love Planet) will be retrograde from the 21st onwards. Thus, you can de-emphasize love and social activities and focus on building the life that you want. You can have things your way now and the world will adapt to you. There is great energy and independence – a clear sense of direction – that you should use to your advantage.
Between 90 and 100 per cent of the planets are still moving forward, and like last month you are in a period where you will see quick progress towards your goals and plans.
The Solar Eclipse of the 5th is very powerful for the world at large, perhaps causing earthquakes, floods and major changes in science and technology. But for you this Eclipse will be kindly. Its effects will be felt in the inner life rather than the outer life. Your dreamlife will be hyperactive – but not very reliable – so make sure you get confirmation from other sources before being guided by it. Those on a spiritual path will have major spiritual revelations leading to changes in their meditative path and in their spiritual direction. Meditation will be harder during this period, yet it is more necessary than usual.
A sudden job change is looming. Employers can see shake-ups in their staff. Many of you will change doctors, health plans or health regimes. The health of your spouse or partner is a concern, and if there are hidden flaws in the body – impurities – they are sure to come out now. Your spouse or partner could also change jobs.
Love is still chasing you, Pisces, but perhaps less ardently than before. There is some cooling in the beloved’s ardour due to Mercury’s retrograde. But this is temporary. The beloved is re-thinking and re-evaluating from the 21st onwards. Love will be back on track next month.
Health is excellent all month as 80 to 90 per cent of the planetary power is in good aspect to you. Still, as mentioned, you might change your health regime.
Your Money Planet (Mars) moves into the Money House on the 12th; this is a positive financial signal. You have unusual control over earnings, a take-charge attitude and a willingness to take on some risks.