Horoscope Pisces January 2014

March forward boldly towards your dreams, Pisces, as the Cosmos is powering you up beyond all imagination. The entire universe supports your independence, and your way is its way. Assert yourself with grace and create conditions as you like them – the world will adapt to you.
With 90 to 100 per cent of the planets in your Eastern sector there is no need to compromise (though there’s no need to get arrogant or ugly, either). Work towards your fondest goals and love will find you. It is already chasing you and by next month will catch up with you. You will be popular not by toadying up to others but by being true to yourself and to what is really important to you.
Between 60 and 70 per cent of the planetary power is still in the upper half of your chart, indicating an emphasis on worldly success and outer activities. Maintain your focus, as important breakthroughs are happening around the 9th.
By the 12th all the planets will be in forward motion, so there is great change, forward momentum and progress in your life – goals can manifest with breathtaking rapidity now.
The most important areas of interest this month are the career, friends, groups and organizations, and the spiritual life and charities.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 21st is kind to you and the disruptions it causes work in your favour. This Eclipse seems to affect the workplace. If you work for someone else you could change jobs around this period. This could be within your present company or with a new company. Employers probably will see a shake-up in their staff.
The Moon is also your Planet of Love Affairs, Creativity and Children. Thus the Eclipse causes some disruptions in these areas as well. But as mentioned the disruptions are good ones – happy things can be just as disruptive as unhappy ones.
Health is excellent all month, and when Mars moves into your own Sign on the 4th it will get even better. Exercise regimes go well. Your athletic ability (as well as your libido) increases. You need to guard against temper tantrums and irritation as you tend to be more forceful and demanding about getting your way. You do not suffer fools gladly. The zeal of the Lord of Hosts is upon you now, and things get done very quickly.
Love is happy this month, though not that important to you. Romantic opportunities abound at organizations, group activities, charitable functions or ministerial activities. Singles meet someone significant around the 19th-21st.
Finances are spectacular and you dress for success and in general project an image of wealth. No need to run after financial opportunities, they are chasing you ardently. But you need to ensure that a short-term financial gain doesn’t jeopardize your long-term career goals. Financial opportunities need to fit in with your overall goals in life.


Pisces Horoscope January 2014, Pisces Stars 2014