Horoscope Sagittarius January 2014

Though the percentage lessens somewhat this month, the planetary power is still mostly in the Eastern sector of your chart – the sector of self. Thus there is less of a need for social toadying, or catering to other people. Of course you shouldn’t be nasty to them, but you are more independent now, and if things are not the way you want them you have power to create your own conditions.
With 90 to 100 per cent of the planets moving forward this month, you will enjoy great success in your projects and creations. There is much (and fast-paced) forward momentum in your life and in the world around you – just the way you like things, Sagittarius.
Between 90 and 100 per cent of the planets are below the Horizon of your chart, indicating that you can safely let career issues and worldly affairs go and focus on your inner life – the finding of your emotional comfort zone, mending relations with family members, setting up a stable home base and making psychological progress within yourself. Those of you in therapy will enjoy great success during this period.
The important areas of interest this month are the body, the image, personal pleasures, finance, sales, marketing, siblings and intellectual interests, and home and family.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 21st deals kindly with you but it wouldn’t hurt to take a reduced schedule that day anyway. The disruptions it causes in the world work in your favour. For you, this Eclipse brings a change in your partner’s income and financial strategies. He or she might have had unrealistic financial goals (either too low or too high) and the Eclipse will straighten things out. For students it shows a change in academic status or some disruption at school. Perhaps you had your heart set on one school and another, better one opens up for you. Perhaps you change what subject you wish to focus on. Religious attitudes change for the long term.
Love seems very happy during this period. With Venus in your own Sign until the 24th you have seldom looked better. Your aesthetic taste and sense of style are ultra-high. This is a good time to buy clothing and accessories. Until the 19th love is physical and materialistic. You are turned on by worldly attributes – material gifts or by someone wealthy and successful – someone who can help you financially. After the 19th love becomes much more interesting and exciting. Abstract qualities like glamour, unconventionality and genius appeal to you. Love comes suddenly – probably in your neighbourhood or close to home.
Health is excellent and finances are very powerful. When your Money Planet moves forward on the 12th, long-stalled deals will start moving forward.

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