Horoscope Scorpio April 2014

Between 80 and 90 per cent of the planets are in the West, and Pluto, your Ruler, is retrograde all month. Once again this is not a time for self-assertion or power struggles, but for cooperation, adaptability and the development of social skills. Your self-confidence is not as strong as it usually is – and perhaps it’s a good thing that this is the case – too much bravado could spoil things. Your good is coming from other people rather than from your own efforts. Put the interests of others first and your own interests will be fulfilled – very naturally.
Most of the planets are still below the Horizon of your chart, so home, family and emotional issues are still very important. And, though your career gets stimulated during this period, most of your energy should go into finding and functioning from your emotional comfort zone. Finding that zone is not as difficult as it seems – it is more an issue of eliminating obstructions rather than adding new things. This is a volatile, emotional month – especially after the 19th – so you will have ample opportunity to observe your emotional ‘hot spots’.
With 90 per cent of the planets moving forward, this is another month of great progress and achievement. Many planets in the element of Fire until the 19th show that progress is swift – perhaps too swift. From the 13th onwards there is almost no power in your native Water element. Thus, people can seem unconsciously cruel, unfeeling and insensitive. Bear with this. In most cases it is non-malicious -just the astrological weather.
The North Node of the Moon makes an important shift from your 10th House of Career to your 9th House. It will be in your 9th House for the rest of the year. This shows that personal happiness and fulfilment come from higher education, religion, philosophy and foreign travel. Pursuit of these interests will lift your spirits and banish depression.
Your 7th House of Love is a major House of Power this month, and by the 19th April 40 per cent of the total planetary power there. Thus there are more parties and social gatherings now. Romance is in the air. Singles are either involved, or getting involved in significant relationships. Love can come from all sorts of places – the workplace being an important one. It can also come through the matchmaking of elders or authority figures. Many people are competing – and perhaps having a power struggle among themselves – for your charms. The main problem in love is family conflict. Domestic responsibilities vie with your social life for your attention – your social life will probably win. Family members don’t seem thrilled with your spouse, lover or new relationship – and this tension comes to a head after the 19th.
Rest and relax more after the 19th. Remember the health discussion in the Health section, above.
Earnings are soaring, and as mentioned come from social contacts and/or your spouse or partner. Work, too, brings extra earnings and job-seekers meet with good success now.

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