Horoscope Scorpio June 2014

The planets are still mostly in the West and Pluto, your Ruler, is still retrograde. Continue to take a low profile, adapt to situations, avoid power struggles and allow your good to come to you. This is still very much a good period for re-evaluating and reviewing your personal goals.
Pluto, your Ruler, comes under unusual stress during this period showing that your self-esteem and self-confidence are not what they should be and are being tested now. It is easy to be confident and self-assured when the sun is shining and one is surrounded by admirers and adulation. True self-confidence is shown when we are dealing with adversity and opposition. Opposition has its Cosmic uses. It enables a person to view his or her own weaknesses and correct them. You will come through with flying colours.
By the 21st you are entering one of the happiest and optimistic periods of your year. Past conflicts are forgotten and all seems right with the world. Happy travel and educational opportunities come and you should take them. There will be an enlargement of your perspective on things – both in love and career. Your understanding of the world and of different cultures will widen.
Love and social activities are still very prominent. Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in your 7th House of Love indicates both an expansion and a contraction of your social life at the same time. It shows a need to focus on the quality of your relationships as well as their quantity. Your spouse or partner is very much involved in your finances – and you with theirs. Debts could be a problem early in the month, but this is short term. By the 21st debt issues are resolved one way or another. For singles, serious love is still happening.
Until the 21st it would be good to spend time getting rid of the unnecessary from your life – this could be useless pos-sessions, clothing, furniture – or character traits. The over-coming of addictions will meet with success during this period.
Finances are strong all period. Health is stronger after the 21st. Health is enhanced through detoxification regimes until the 21st, and by metaphysical means thereafter. Prayer is a potent healing tool after the 21st.

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