Horoscope Taurus January 2014

Between 80 and 90 per cent of the planets are above the Horizon of your chart and your 10th House of Career becomes a major House of Power after the 20th. This is a month of outer achievement and progress – a month for achieving career goals. With 90 to 100 per cent of the planets moving forward there is much forward movement in your career, and in your life in general.
With so many planets above the Horizon it is usually safe to ignore domestic and emotional concerns. But the Lunar Eclipse of the 21st won’t let you. It shows a move, or the uprooting of the normal domestic and family pattern. A career change could be the cause of it. Perhaps your career forces you to relocate – or forces a family member to relocate. Hidden flaws in your home are likely to surface now so that you can correct them. And while all this is happening you have the intense demands of your career – rest and relax more after the 20th. In particular, reduce your schedule around the time of the Eclipse. Handle essentials and let lesser things go.
With Saturn still in your own Sign this is a great period for dieting, exercising and taking on a disciplined health regime. This is especially called for now, since the urges to the good life are very strong until the 20th.
Love is passionate and tempestuous this month – especially around the 9th. Jealousy and possessiveness can cause problems – even though you are going way out of your way to please the beloved, and doing yeoman work for their finances. Singles have abundant love opportunities.
Finances are happy this month. There is great financial opti-mism. Mercury in Capricorn shows earnings from property, lumber, office equipment and from conservative, long-term investments. Your financial judgement is especially sharp and keen until the 19th. This is a good time to make important purchases as you have an eye for quality and value. A sudden financial windfall comes around the 27th—28th. Elders, bosses and people above you in status are supporting your financial goals. Your good reputation is like money in the bank.

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